An amazing Hannukia made of ceramic

Why should you buy a luxury Hannukia for Hannukah? When performing a mitzvah (good deed), a person must conduct himself in a dignified and proper manner, as stated in the Talmud (Sabbath 133: 72) levels of decorating the ornate Hannukah candle stand:

• Gold
• Platinum

A relief of the Temple in Jerusalem
In this piece, the artist sculpted a 3D ceramic Hannukah menorah. Seeing that the Hannukah miracle occurred in the Temple in Jerusalem, the front of the menorah displays a wonderful sculpture of the Western Wall, including it stones, openings and windows. The other side of the menorah bears a relief of the Temple on the Temple Mount. Prominent and etched decorations are exceptionally integrated into the sides of the menorah. The artist created a pure gold and platinum plating of the decorations and candlesticks and when the menorah is lit, the candlelight twinkles brightly with gold and platinum specks.

Additional information

Weight 4.60 kg
Dimensions 47 × 50 cm