The meaning of the Jerusalem Cross

The Jerusalem Cross goes back to the fourth century. It’s composed of 5 Crosses, the large cross in the center is composed of four Tau crosses joined together at the center.

The Jerusalem Cross holds different meaning as below:

  • The Large Cross in the center represents the city of Jerusalem where Christianity started; The four small crosses that surrounds the large cross represents the Four Corners of the world to which Christianity was spread by mission.
  • The Large Cross represents Christ and the four small crosses around it represent the Four Gospels (The 4 Evangelists are John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew)
  • The Five Crosses symbolize the five wounds of Jesus Christ he suffered when he was crucified; the cross in the center cross for the wound on his side, and the 4 smaller crosses for the wounds on his hands and feet.
  • Sometimes they refer to the Jerusalem Cross as the “Crusader’s Cross”

This cross is found only in the Holy Land & No other place in the world.

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