Large Crown Of Thorns From The Holy Land


Hand Made in Bethlehem by a Christian family.


Size: 11 to 12 Inches.

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This Crown of Thorn is made in Bethlehem by a Christian family.

They made it in the months of July & August because at that time the branches of the rose bushes would be fresh.

Those bushes are taken from Jerusalem from the Catholic monks who have lived in the Jerusalem area since the time of the crusades.

At that area only one particular type of thorn Bush Small tree is native.

This thorn bush is a small tree unlike the other, it has a distinct double thorn pattern, so as it seems this Crown of Thorn may be from the same branches that was used for our Lord Jesus Christ.

As there is no other branches at that area, and the soldier would have to run at least a mile which means to go outside the city wall to bring some thorns to make the crown for Our Lord Jesus.

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