Set Of Four Hand Carved Olive Wood Rectangular Serving Dish Set


Olive Wood Hand Made .

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These exquisite dishes have been hand carved. Each dish sits perfectly in the next and the standard of finish makes them a joy to hold. The smooth finish along with the unique grain make this set a stunning addition in any kitchen or home. Due to the high natural oil content of olive wood and natural treatment of the wood, this set will not stain or take on any smells or colors from your food. Use it to serve a variety of your favourite snacks and it will still look the same for years to come.

The pictures of the dishes are in size order from largest to smallest. However, each set will be truly unique due to the nature of the grain and the fact that they have all been hand carved .   

Approx size:

Extra Large Dish  13 x 12 cm

Small Dish  9 x 7 cm