Olive Wood Statue of Saint Francis of Assisi Embracing the Crucified Christ


Olive Wood Hand Carved .



This abstract olive wood statue shows Saint Francis embracing Jesus Christ and helping him off the the cross. However, what makes this sculpture even more extraordinary is the story it is based on, which goes as follows: When St. Francis was praying in solitary at a simple church (the church of St. Damien) outside the walls of Assisi, he had a vision of Jesus Christ intensely looking down at him from the Sand Damiano Cross with “burning love” and said, “Francis, go and repair my church” three times. This remarkable wooden carving reminds us of the suffering Jesus has endured before he died on the cross, and of God’s pouring love for us.

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Weight 3.35 kg
Dimensions 17 × 19.5 × 59 cm