Yemenite Shofar With messianic sign.


An elegant, 925 silver horn in the style of traditional Yemenite Jewish shofar, bearing engravings of the Messianic symbol (combining the Star of David, Menorah, and Christian fish sign, suggesting similarity and compatibility between the two separate religions) and olive branches.

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Intended for use by worshipers in the Messianic sect, this 925 silver Yemenite shofar is a distinct addition to a Judeo-Christian holiday celebration. It is engraved with gilt imagery of olive branches and the distinct symbol of the Messianic sect. While many Judaica shofar are made from the horn of a ram, this Yemenite-style shofar is made from the horn of a kudu animal. As with all shofars, the horn is obtained without harm to the animal it came from.
Messianic Judaism is a sect which incorporates practices and theological concepts originating within the religion of Christianity. They believe the Christians’ proclaimed savior is the messiah (hence the name of the movement), while traditional Judaism believes that the Messiah’s identity will remain unknown until the Redemption. Because Messianism incorporates elements from another religion, many believe it conflicts with one of the Ten Commandments from G-d at Mount Sinai, prohibiting idolatry or the service of other religions.

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Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 83 cm