Sterling Silver Necklace Set With Roman Glass


Roman glass necklace . 



durable design in Roman glass 925 silver necklace with Ancient Roman glass
Beautiful Judaica Gift .

This roman glass necklace is made of silver and genuine ancient.

Please note that shape and color of the glass may vary for different pieces.

Leave the mass produced jewelry behind! Beautifully iridescent ancient glass, set in fine silver. Created using an ancient fragment of Roman glass, approximately 2,000 years old.
Fragments of decanters, bottles and jars designed for pilgrim’s who gathered oil, water or soil from the holy land. Colgate Unico en Plata y vibrio Romano.

Made from the hand-blown fragments of ancient perfume pots, lamps, flasks, vases, cups, and bowls dating back to 100 BC found by archaeologists sifting through the fallen pillars and once magnificent cities of the Roman Empire. Almost two thousand years of conflict with mineral rich soil and oxidation combine to form this precious glass.

Additional information

Dimensions 22 cm

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