Memory cards Game pictures from the Holy Land


You play with 24 picture from the holy land which are the most visited places in the holy land, game designed for the entire family and also to play with friends.

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Explore the holy land in a very entertaining way with Memory Cards Game:
A Collection from the Holy Land. it is a game designed for the entire family and also to play with friends, featuring photos of touristic places from the Holy Land.
it may be played as a leisurely exercise or an educational game.It requires observation, concentration and good memory to win the game.

The rules for playing the game.
1-  start by mixing the cards and lay them face down in 8 rows, that is 6 cards in each row.
2-  choose two and turn them face if, if they match then keep them and play again. If they don’t match, then turn them face down again and play passes to the next player.
3-  concentrate and remember what was on each card and where it was.
4-  the game ends when all cards have been matched, and the player with the most matches wins.

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