The Western Wall


Made of Ceramic With Gold Painted and Platinum



The Western Wall in Jerusalem where Jews gather, on certain occasions, to pray and mourn: it is traditionally believed to be the remnants of the western wall of the Temple of Herod, which was destroyed by the Romans in AD. 70.


When buying a work of art for the office or lobby, it is usually a result of long-term thinking, sometimes even beyond our lifetime, seeking to leave a work of art with a message to the future generations.  A work of art that appreciates over time.  Whether it is on your desk, on the floor or hanging on the wall.  Art needs an emotional bond.  Enjoying an exquisite work of art ties into the brain’s subconscious.  Sometimes the artist’s stated inspiration detracts from the joy of observing his work.  Sometimes the meaning goes deeper when the individual faces the creation himself.

Additional information

Weight 1.650 kg
Dimensions 27 × 37 cm