Crown Of Thorns From The Holy Land of Bethlehem

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Crown of Thorns is made in Bethlehem by a Christian family. They make them in July and August because the branches of the rose bushes would be fresh.  This makes it easier for them to shape into a head crown.

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CROWN OF THORNS The thorns are extremely sharp. Thorns are approximately 1 inch long. Life size Diameter Approx 7 Inches This Crown of Thorn is made in Bethlehem by a Christian family, they made it in the months of July&August because at that time the branches of the rose bushes would be fresh, so they can be shaped into a head size circle. Those bushes are taken from Jerusalem from the Catholic monks who have lived in the Jerusalem area since the time of the crusades, at that area only one particular type of thorn Bush Small tree is native. This thorn bush small tree is unlike the other, it has a distinct double thorn pattern, So as it seems this Crown of Thorn may be from the same branches that was used for our Lord Jesus Christ, as there is no other branches at that area, and the soldier would have to run at least a mile which means to go outside the city wall to bring some thorns to make the crown for Our Lord Jesus.

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2 reviews for Crown Of Thorns From The Holy Land of Bethlehem

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sherman Van Zee (verified owner)

    This crown of thorns is so realistic. It is easy to imagine the suffering our Savior endured for us.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ruth Parker

    My Brother,
    I’m not sure if you remember me or not but I have a testimony involving you.
    I had ordered 50 crown of thorns from you and have been raising funds for many things.
    I raised funds for Missionary families over seas, for families in need and now it became
    the hottest door prize ever! I just gave a “Biker Bash” at my church yesterday.
    A biker bash is where bikers from all over come to your church and share God’s word
    and fellowship with good food and fellowship. I had 186 people show. First time ever for anything
    like this. There were 5 Christian Motorcyclist Association groups to show up
    (which I am a member of the CMA) from different parts of North Carolina and 5 motorcycle
    groups to come from different areas. God blessed us greatly.
    I love God and motorcycles, and I proudly acclaim that I had one of the loudest ones there
    and there where many. But the biggest impact apart from the Holy Spirits moving was
    the crown of thorns. I wrote a testimony about you and how I ordered them from you.
    I gave everyone a copy of Your store address and contact information. I hope they call or go on line
    to contact you. I shared with them the day I bought them from you that You and I agreed
    through prayer a blessing on them. I prayed over them again and anointed them with the oil
    and perfume I ordered from you as well.
    I know that I haven’t ordered from you in awhile, but what I have already has gone beyond
    the “fish and loaves”. It seems there is no bottom to this barrel.
    You have blessed me and now you have blessed so many more that you and I can not count.
    I wanted to tell you this because it was those crowns I ordered from you made a bunch
    of people very humbled and remember what Jesus did for us.
    Thank you for having them on hand to sell to me.
    I may need to order more in the future.
    Be blessed and take care. Again thank you friend.
    Ruth Parker
    Ahoskie NC

    Be blessed!

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