Olive Wood Last Supper According to the Bible, History and Traditions .


Extra Detailed Hand carved from Olive wood trunk one piece, made in Bethlehem by Zacharia Bros.

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Two thousand years ago tables used by the Romans were called ‘Triclinium’, around such tables people reclined as they were short tables.

4 Positions were specified on such tables.

The Second position from left would be for the Host which was Jesus.

The 1st from the left and the 1st from the right were for the two Servants for easy access to helping the rest, the two servants from the 12 disciples were John as he was the youngest and Peter as he was referred to as the rock and since the bible specified that john leaned on Jesus so it would make John the first on the left and Peter the first on the right.

The third position from left would be for the VIP Guest or guest of Honor and It was surely for Judas as he was the only guest coming from the City of Krayot as per his name which is located in the south whereas all the rest were from the North.

This piece of Art comes with Certificate of Authenticity

This Last Supper is Hand carved from Olive wood on Mahogany Wood base, made in Bethlehem by Zacharia Bros.

It comes in  One  size: 33 x 17 x 4 Inches .


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