Olive Wood – Nativity Set With 3-D Palm Tree Stable


    Olive Wood Hand Carved .



    Modern Hand Carved Nativity Set from Bethlehem. This set is well carved out of Premium Bethlehem Olive Wood. It will add a magnificent décor to your home during the holidays. This popular contemporary design will dazzle your guests. The faceless statues allow people to project any face they desire. The natural swirl and contrast of the olive wood grain will draw your mind. This set includes Joseph (with staff), Mary, Baby Jesus (in his crib), Three Kings (in traditional Persian garb bearing their gifts), a Shepherd, a Cow, a Donkey, A Camel and two Sheep.

    • 14 Pieces set , Average height of the figures are about 5.2 inches.
    • This set includes an Olive Wood Stable (Crèche) that has a collapsible base for easy storage.
    • Highlight of this Set is the Stable.  It has a 3-D Palm Tree on overshowing the Stable.
    • Stable is about 9.6 inches in height.
    • This complete set comes with our Certificate of Authenticity.

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    Weight3.1 kg