Olive Wood King’s Nativity Set


    Olive Wood Hand Carved .



    True Collector’s Choice. This Olive Wood King’s Nativity Set is the most intricate and detailed collector’s set that we make. Special attention is given to detailing facial and garment features .The most intricate parts of this Nativity Set are the hollow Crowns of the Three Wiseman. Set includes 15 pieces: Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus (in his crib), Three Kings (with hollow crowns), Three Shepherds (with staff), a Cow, a Donkey and Two Sheep.

    • 15 Pieces Set .
    • This technique of opening the crowns is a traditional art that has been in the family for generations.
    • It adds a magnificent décor to your home during the holidays and year round.
    • Set also include a unique large collapsible stable.
    • This complete set comes with a Limited Edition Certificate.

    Additional information

    Weight18.1 kg
    Dimensions25.4 cm