David Roberts…

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David Roberts…

Size of the Book 13.5″X10″

makes it Great for viewing the paintings

THE HOLY LAND 123 coloured facsimile lithographs and the journal from his visit the Holy Land.

It is Millinium Edition, Copyright by Palphot

DAVID ROBERTS R.A. This rare and beautiful book contains drawings of the holy sites in the holy land by David Roberts, who was born at Stockbridge, October 24th, 1796. When you first open the book you see the Map of Jerusalem, by Christian Adrichom, Cologne, 1590. Jerusalem has always been and will forever continue to be the core of the dreams of the believers. For centuries Jerusalem had been sketched, painted, photographed. Travel journals have been written about Jerusalem in every conceivable language. And yet when people envision Jerusalem, very often what they envision is Jerusalem painted by DAVID ROBERTS, 140 years ago. He succeeded so ably in capturing the beauty of the city, its special quality, and its special colours. The pastel colours, that were added to the original two-coloured lithographs, add a special value to the description of the scenery, drawn in their delicate lines. David Roberts? personal journal accompanying his paintings gives a verbal expression to his impression in the lithographs he painted. In juxtaposition with photographs of these very sited today, the work of David takes on added dimensions. The centuries past and present join together in telling the story of Jerusalem. David Roberts? work has been praised by the international community as the complete work of the art on the Holy Land and Jerusalem, depicted through centuries as the center of the wood. This book also has at the end a map to show the route of David Roberts, the Holy Land Petra and Syria.


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