Exposing Satan’s Playbook Perry Stone.


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You can determine the outcome of your battles when you know in advance the battle strategies of your enemy! In his landmark 256-page book, Exposing Satan’s Playbook, Perry gives you a detailed teaching on knowing and dealing with your enemy. Perry explains the ages past and reveals the often unknown past of Satan, the archenemy of mankind. Perry answers questions such as:

• Why am I still tempted even after I have received Christ?

• Can Satan know my thoughts and can a believer be possessed by an evil spirit?

• Does Satan have power to kill me prematurely and does he know God’s plan for my life?

• Discover why Satan is powerless to place any curse on a true Christian

• Learn how the brain connects with the power of pornography and attracts seducing spirits

• Discover how to break various habits that cause hindrances

• Perry exposes the three biggest bluffs the enemy uses

• Learn the difference between a testing and a temptation

• Discover Satan’s single greatest weapon against a believer and a sinner

• Perry exposes the truth behind the so-called haunted houses you see on television

• Includes a powerful expose on exposing the perception deception

Did you know you can use prophetic words as a weapon to defeat the adversary? In this book, you will enter into the mind of your adversary, understand who he really is, and discover secrets he hopes you never find out and answers to questions he hoped you would never ask.
By:Perry Stone

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