New Covenant Christian Tallit Prayer Shawl


  • Messianic Jewish Prayer Shawl
  • Most popular Talis with Messianic Jews
  • Each Tallit comes a special Card explaining the Messianic Seal symbol and History of the Modern Movement. Like any new clothing item, the tallit might have slight discoloring and/or smell from storage. Please wash before first use.
  • Prayer in English in four corners of the Tallit

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The New Covenant Prayer Shawl in larger size representing the 33 years Jesus spent on earth. Prayer Shawl designed with the main center Christian prayer in Hebrew letters The Four prayers placed on the four corners. The unique early Christian sign is embroidered with golden thread.

Size: 73″ long and 33″ wide Comes in a bag with zipper from the same material. of High Quality.

 The size of the width is  33 inches representing the period of time Jesus spent on the earth.

all corners contain the white and blue thread

A few years ago a Clay Jar was excavated in Israel which carried the  early Christian seal that contained

The Menorah, Star of David and the Fish.

is sign known as the Early Christian Sign

This Sign is placed on four corners of this shawl.

This Sign contains the 7 Candle holder on Top, The Star of David in the Middle and the Fish on the bottom.

The fish was used by Christians for identification during the

Dark Roman Occupation in the Holy Land.

The main Prayer in Hebrew on the (Atara) reads in English as follow:

Blessed are you O’ Lord King of the Universe Who has fulfilled all of the law through Jesus the Messiah and have covered us with his Righteousness.
Pronunciation of the above Hebrew prayer in English is:



The early Christian sign is on both sides of the main prayer made with  Gold thread.
The four corners are made with Blue and Gold embroidery , each corner carries a different scripts from the Bible in English and each has the Early Christian sign with Gold thread.
Enlarge Pictures below to read the prayers in English that are on the 4 corners.
The symbol of the Prayer Shawl
Jesus had the prayer shawl on
when in the Temple

Jews were commanded in the book of Leviticus to wear a four fringed garment. When you look at it, you shall remember my law and remember me. Did you ever tie a string around your finger to remember something Well, God said, Tie a string around your garment and when you look at it, you can remember me. Now, since Jews were supposed to remember God’s Law with the fringes, they are tied in a certain way. There were 5 books of Moses, and so the fringe has 5 knots. So, that reminds us of God’s Law. God’s Name in Hebrew is a word that Jews never pronounce: Y H W H (Yahweh). God’s name has 4 letters. Since the fringe has 5 knots, there are 4 spaces between them. Consequently, when a Jew looks at the fringe, he remembers God’s Law and God’s Name. That is the Jewish significance of the fringe. Here is the Christian meaning. We recall the woman who had an issue of blood for twelve years. She approached Jesus. Many translations say that she touched the hem. of his garment. That is a bad translation. Rather, she touched the fringes of his garment and thereby she was touching God’s Word and God’s Name. God’s Law and God’s Name is what the fringe symbolizes. Not the hem of a skirt. The fringe symbolizes Jesus himself: the Word and the Name. This beautiful prayer shawl will be an inspirational tool in the development of your prayer life. It comes with the explanation above, which will make it even more of a spiritual gift for one of your friends or loved ones. The prayer shawl measures 33 inches wide by 73 inches length and includes colorful decorative cloth carrying case.

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