El Tallit New covenant prayer shawl in Spanish Espanol 73″*33″


High Quality Acrylic Talis

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High Quality Acrylic Talis

33″ x 73″


 The TzitTzit (Fringes) has the blue thread included representing Yeshua the Messiah

Messianic Prayer Shawl


Matching Talis Bag with Zipper

Specially designed with the Christian meaning. (description will be included with the shawl)

El Tallit ( El chal de oracion)

y el tzittzit (la franja)

“El tallit”, pronunciado “tah leet”, el plural es tallitot (tallits). Tambien le dicen “talis” en el hebreo moderno. TALITH contiene dos palabras en hebreo. TAL que significa carpa y ITH que significa pequena. Literamente, TALITH significa carpa pequena.

Ancient Messianic Symbol (Early Christian sign) printed on the four corners

with 4 different scriptures on each corner

The Atarah (The Collar )has the Messianic Symbol in gold metallic on both sides and has 

a Messianic prayer in Hebrew which says:


Blessed are you O’ Lord King of the Universe Who has fulfilled all of the law through Jesus the Messiah and have covered us with his Righteousness.   The Hebrew Pronunciation is:



The 4 Scriptures that are Beautifully depicted on the four corners in Spanish are:

First Corner:  

Al que no cometió pecado alguno,

por nosotros Dios lo trató como pecador,

para que en él recibiéramos

la justicia de Dios.

       2 Corintios 5:21

Second Corner:

Mas él fue herido por nuestras rebeliones,
molido por nuestros pecados.
Por darnos la paz, cayó sobre él el castigo,

y por sus llagas fuimos nosotros curados

Isaías 53:5

Third Corner:

Mas para vosotros,los que teméis mi nombre,
nacerá el sol de justicia y en sus alas traerá salvación.
Saldréis y saltaréiscomo becerros de la manada.

Malaquías 4:2

Fourth Corner:

suplicándole que les permitiera

 tocar siquiera  el borde de su manto,

y quienes lo tocaban  quedaban sanos.

   Mateo 14:36

The Traditional and the Christian meaning of the Prayer shawl

The Meaning of the prayer shawl for Jews (The Traditional Meaning) has to do with receiving righteousness through the laws of Moses since the shawl means the law, But

The meaning of the Prayer Shawls for Believers in Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is different since Jesus has fulfilled all the law and we can only receive righteousness through Him meaning that we are covered with his righteousness, the scriptures declare that ” All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” So we now receive righteousness through the sacrifice that Yeshua (Jesus Christ) made in bearing all  of our sin on Himself.


This is the perfect Prayer shawl that carries the Christian meaning. use it as your tool to spread the word

This shawl is Produced By The Three Arches Co. Ltd Bethlehem the Holy land

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