Star of Bethlehem & Star of David & Jerusalem Cross Open Pendant Necklace Model 74



    Unique Design  Jerusalem Cross that opens up

    The Jerusalem Cross goes back to the 4th century.

    The large cross in the center is composed of four Tau crosses represents Jerusalem where Christianity started and the four small crosses that surrounds the large cross represent the four gospels and the four corners of the world to where Christianity was spread by mission when they found the cross there is a script that says may this cross spread from Jerusalem to the rest of the world.

    When the cross opens up it shows four small crosses.

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                     Diamond & Gem Certificate  

                      By GIA Gemologist

                       Maher N . Canawati

    Gold Karat ( 14 k)

    Gold Color (Yellow with Emerald Stone  )

    Diamond Color (I)

    Diamond TCW (0,70 CT) & ( 0,72 CT) Emerald Stone

    Diamond Count  (64Pc ) & (12Pc) Emerald Stone 

    Diamond Clarity  ( VS2-Si1)

    Size (2.3Cm ) 

    Cut  ( Good)