Saffron Natural Immune Booster.


    1. Overcoming Hypertension
    2.Prevent the growth of cancer cells (Cancer)
    3. Lower cholesterol
    4. Lower blood sugar (Diabetes)
    5. Prevent heart attack & stroke
    6. Anti Inflammation – prevents lung inflammation
    7. Cure Stomach Acid
    8. Increase male & female fertility
    9. Natural Viagra for men
    10. Launching haid
    11. Nervous system regeneration, increase intelligence
    12. Rich in antioxidants and strengthens the Immune System .. etc.

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    Saffron is first recorded in a botanical manuscript dating back to centuries
    the 7th BC who were gathered by order of Ashurbanipal.
    Since then for 4,000 people, Saffron has continued to be named
    as a drug that can treat more than 90 types
    Saffron has been cultivated for more than 3,000 years
    The use of saffron in medicine is already
    depicted on the fresco in the palace of the Minoan origin of the year
    1500–1600 BC.

    Soak 10-15 Saffron pistils in 1 liter of drinking water
    (normal temperature) no need hot water
    Wait 30 min until the water turns golden yellow color
    (ready for consumption)
    Spend in time NOT more than 8 hours (don’t get stale)
    It is recommended to drink Saffron every day to maintain health &
    body fitness
    Store in a cupboard (room temperature), tightly closed, avoid places
    moist, direct sunlight
    It is recommended to spend Saffron max 12 months (after the packaging is opened).

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