BETHLEHEM 2000 LOGO Collectibles

The Story of the Bethlehem 2000 Logo The People of Bethlehem wanted to make the 2000 Birthday of Jesus Christ a special Birthday so The City of Bethlehem Created a commission to renovate and rebuild the streets and infrastructure of Bethlehem to make it Beautiful for the Year 2000, one of the programs that they have created to fund the Projects was the Bethlehem 2000 LOGO. Our Company The Three Arches Co. LTD along with a Governmental Company Bought all rights for selling products with Bethlehem 2000 Logo and Paid a premium of $150,000.00 USD and agreed to give back 20% of Net Revenues on all items sold. We have Created a New Company Called the Bethlehem 2000 LOGO and Developed many products that we thought would sell to continue supporting the City. All Projects for renovating Bethlehem were completed and Bethlehem Celebrated the Birthday of Jesus. After all preparations of the products, the Political Situation worsened and Tourism vanished which made the Bethlehem 2000 Logo Company Close down. We are now Trying to Sell the Products on the web and each and every item that we sell has the Logo that indicates Helping the City and the People of Bethlehem to renovating the City. All Products that Carry the Bethlehem 2000 Logo are Considered Collectibles and will not be reproduced (Limited Quantities). We thank you for your Support The Three Arches Co. Ltd Family. Maher Canawati Vice President